15. August 2022
PT. Mitra Asiatek Biosensor as partners engaged in electrochemical sensor-based products, support Kedaireka's 2022 Matching Fund program for the proposer, Prof. Dr. Yeni Wahyuni Hartati, M.Sc, from Chemistry, Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia. Congratulations and Success on the passage of funding for this program.
20. November 2021
Foodsense meet with real customers
Spiciness Test in Blotan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
18. November 2021
Afternoon sensor developers meeting at Yogyakarta
ZP Asia met with a good team at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Gadjah Mada
12. February 2021
Ideas exchange: an initiation step for study during Covid 19
Brainstorming with Maya, PhD from Research Centre for Biomaterial LIPI
11. February 2021
ZP Developers Zone Member gives talk at Nano Talk
Dr Isa, as a member of ZP developers Zone, delivered a short talk about biosensor
05. February 2021
ZP products applied for Candida and Aflatoxin
01. February 2021
Present electrochemical sensor to vets in Aceh
ZP goes to Aceh growing up from 17 years ago a tsunami tragedy
31. January 2021
2021 new looks for ZP developers Zone Website
New website for our member!!! check this out
22. November 2020
ZP was delighted to support our ZP Developer Zone Member to present their research at an Environmental conference in China. In his research Hasim used the Ana Pot potentiostat and Gold Value Screen Printed Electrode to fabricate sensor for pyrene (poly-aromatic hydrocarbons). The sensors were tested in ground and surface waters. For the next phase Hasim would to produce the sensors on an industrial scale and apply the sensor in other environment samples.
12. November 2020
ZP SE Asia is very happy to discuss how to develop sensors with scientists. In a recent chat we explained how the electrochemical sensor can be used for E. coli and S. typhimurium detection using the Potentiostat Ana Pot and Value Gold Screen Printed electrode.

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