24. February 2020
ZP Training Session with Padjadjaran University (UNPAD)
22. February 2020
ZP Product Presentation at ITB with ZP starter, Djati.
06. January 2020
Recently, ZP Asia has distributors for accomodating the high demand from Asian customers. Therefore, for some products such as FoodSense (including Chilli Pot), Biosensor, ExFlex (wearable sensor), and screen print electrode you can contact our distributor. For other products or those customers who have not had distributors, you can contact us directly. Happy New Year 2020.
22. December 2019
Hello Asian, ZP has a new product in this year, probably some of you have known these news. Let see what ZP has : 1. FoodSense Last time, you just know about Chilli Pot for measuring capsaicin in the chili sauce. Now, ZP has new generation, called FooSense, more handable and applicable, because the function is not only for Chilli testing but also for garlic, ginger, wine, curcumin, E.Coli, ect. Please check here. 2. EcFlex The sensor with the wearable system for sweat analysis. ZP is glad to...
18. November 2019
Staff of ZP Asia visited the ZP Norway for a week to know more about the newest sensing technology
17. November 2019
Microfluidic at Salento University
11. November 2019
Small discussion with mycologist
05. November 2019
ZP participates Seminar on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at ITB, Bandung, Indonesia
31. October 2019
ZP is a different kind of electrochemical biosensor company, because though we sell potentiostats and screen printed electrodes (SPE) we are passionate users of the technology and we are happy to train our customers and collaborators. This week the ZP team have been using our SPE and AnaPot for detecting polyaromatic hydrocarbon (PAH), a group of compounds that can be found in water, air and food. Please visit to our main website to see our products and please don't hesitate to contact us to...
10. October 2019
You are part of ZP if you are interested in sensor technology

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