Performance ZP products for Candida and Aflatoxin


ZP Asia will be testing our products such as the Potentionstat Ana Pot and out Value SPE with two scientists at the Indonesian Research Center for Veterinary Science. Dr Eni Kusumaningtyas, SSi, MSc with Candida and Dr. Dra. Romsyah Maryam, M.Med.Sc with aflatoxin. 


In brief, Candida especially Candida albicans is an opportunistic pathogenic yeast of humans and animals, where it causes oral thrush and infection in the urinary tract and genitalia. Systemic Candida infection is often detected late resulting in death or in the case of pregnancy miscarriage. Therefore,  fast and accurate detection is needed. Certain peptide can adhere strongly  to the surface of Candida albicans cells, and act as molecular  capture probes for Candida albicans detection.


Aflatoxin is also frequently found in animal feed such as maize and this compound is carcinogen. Therefore, Aflatoxin is  a big problem in Indonesia. Moreover the Aflatoxin contamination is a re-occurring issues in animal feed. Therefore the ZP Developer Zone Members are developing biosensors to protect livestock from Aflatoxins and the associated risks.


The ZP Developer Zone Members will be modifying our screen printed electrodes using a  peptide for Candida detection and an antibody for Aflatoxin test.