ZP veterinary collaborations in Indonesia

ZP are delighted to support the members of our ZP developers Zone.


This week we supported Dr.  April Hari Wardhana, from Indonesia, on the development  and use Artifiical inteligent for detection of Trypanosoma evansi. 


April had an opportunity to give a talk in HELLOVET (The pioneering online education for veterinary and animal husbandry in Indonesia). The topic of the talk was development of research and control strategies for Trypanosomiasis in Indonesia. 

He also presented the results of collaboration research project between Zimmer Peacock and his team from the Indonesian Research Centre for Veterinary Science. In his work April used a Potentiostat Ana Pot and Value Screen Printed Electrode on his project. There was about 40 participants joining in the online education, consisting of vets, animal husbandry scholars, scientists, and public.  The participants gave a positive feedback about those preliminary results. They never imagine that biosensor and artificial intelligence techniques could be applied to the diagnosis of Tryapanosomiasis (Surra) in livestock. These techniques seem very promising to develop methods for Surra diagnosis in the future.

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