ZP Developers Zone

Please note that the ZP Developers Zone has a new dedicated webpage, please click the ZP Developers Zone logo to access the new site.

ZP Developers Zone.


The ZP Developers Zone is being part of the ZP network, with many benefits:


  • 5% off price the price of selected ZP products.
  • Joining an online  community and chat technical with members and with the ZP team.
  • Free e-certificate and handout/e-book with every webinar you attend.
  • Receive a members pack when you sign up.
  • Join a Q and A once a week with our directors and team - 30 mins.
  • As a member you get to inform the direction of the network.



To be a ZP developers zone you have to apply to apply by clicking the button below. Please know that there is an annual membership fee of 30 USD.

Please contact us today to enquire about joining the ZP Developers Zone and unlocking the power of a "global biosensors developers community".

Click below to join our online chat community, and chat with fellow biosensor developers and the ZP team.